Pros: Workpuls is an award-winning Employee Monitoring Software that has many of the necessary functionalities. This includes time tracking, app and website detection, productivity reports, screenshots, attendance sheets and payroll calculator. The reports can be customized to show many different variations of the data, such as most frequently used apps or team productivity performance. In addition, its interface is very appealing and extremely intuitive to use, and they offer both cloud and on-premise solution.

Cons: Even though a 7-day free trial is offered, there is no free solution. Also, unlike some other types of computer monitoring systems, Workpuls doesn’t have the keystroke logging feature, which means that it won’t be sufficient as a full-fledged security protection.

Our opinion: Workpuls turned out to be an easy-to-use scalable platform. The customizable categorization of apps and websites into ‘productive’, ‘unproductive’ and ‘neutral’ made its reports meaningful and very clear. There’s also a feature that shows productivity trends in percentages for each employee, which we found to be potentially very useful in evaluating employees’ performance. Attendance and overtime tracking was a nice addition as well. As we’ve mentioned, there is no keylogger, but the absence of this feature is compensated by its affordable monthly fee of $6 per employee.

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Workpuls is an easy to use, affordable and intuitive employee tracking software that can give you some invaluable insights into your employees’ activities and general productivity.

You can store your monitoring data on cloud, which is a great solution if you want a quick and easy setup with no additional equipment. Although this solution will typically be enough for most companies, there is also an option to get Workpuls as an on-premise solution, which gives you complete control over the size and security of stored data in exchange for some additional technical effort.

Upon setting up, the software is installed on every computer that is going to be monitored. Workpuls is supported on both Windows and Mac operating system. The installation is easy and quick, after which you get access to all the data and activity that is being tracked.

When comes to features, Workpuls has all the basic ones as well as some more advanced ones. You get the data overview in detailed yet easy to understand dashboard. Here you can see employee stats, most commonly used apps and websites, productivity trends and time tracking overview.

Its real-time tracking enables you to see what each of your employees are doing at any given time. This includes which apps they’re using and which websites they’re currently on. The apps and sites are color-coded based on their productivity for easier overview.

In addition, it has an integrated system for tracking attendance, which is completely automatic. The moment an employee turns on their computer is the moment of their clock-in and their last activity is their clock-out. This is an easy and fair way to track overtime, as well as clients’ billable hours. Furthermore, the program takes into account the inactive time (time away from the computer) and time spent in unproductive apps.

Based on this, you also get a simple report on the overall productivity of each worker in percentage as well as the trend of how this metric changes over time. This gives you a very detailed overview of how productively each employee is using their office time.

Another significant feature of Workpuls that differentiates it from other computer monitoring systems is its automated time tracking. With this functionality, this employee monitoring system can also track time on each individual project only based on file names. What this means is that there’s no need for employees to click start/stop. This makes tracking and documentation so much easier and smoother while at the same time, the possibility of human error is completely eliminated.

This data is invaluable to you, it can inform many important decisions, such as how to delegate tasks and evaluate employees, but it can be shared too. You can give gated access to your clients which will let them see employee data and progress, but they won’t be to see other projects apart from their own.

Employees can also access their own data and reports, which might give them very good estimate of their performance and how they can improve it. Alternatively, you can set Workpuls to stealth mode, but we would always rather advise employers to be honest with their employees about monitoring.

In conclusion, for $6 a month per employee, you get a very clean and lightweight solution with lots of useful information and easy-to-understand reports. It’s also quite scalable, and although we can see bigger companies finding most use out of it, it can also be used just as effectively for small teams and especially remote workers.

Viacheslav Zimyatov,