Through real-time staff monitoring, SoftActivity and its flagship product, SoftActivity Monitor, enable enterprises to improve security, assure policy compliance, and promote productivity. Their program is easy to use and may be used by a variety of people with little training required. The business is seen as a reliable partner because of its dedication to innovation and client pleasure. They kept changing their products as of January 2022 to accommodate changing workplace requirements. Please check SoftActivity's official website or get in touch with them directly for the most recent information.


  • All-inclusive employee tracking: SoftActivity Monitor keeps tabs on a variety of employee activities, including as screen time, productivity, internet use, and browser history. Employers may use this to find areas where staff members are doing poorly or squandering time, as well as to discover possible security risks.
  • Simple to use: Even for users with no past expertise with employee tracking software, SoftActivity Monitor is simple to install and operate. All employee activity is summarized succinctly and clearly on the web portal, and creating reports is a quick and simple process.
  • Reasonably priced: SoftActivity Monitor is incredibly inexpensive, particularly in contrast to other employee monitoring programs available on the market. It provides a free trial and a range of payment options to accommodate companies of different sizes.
  • Outstanding customer service: SoftActivity Monitor provides outstanding customer service. The group is friendly, accommodating, and quick to respond to inquiries and offer support.
  • Watch history as a video: This is an excellent feature for monitoring precisely what staff members have been doing on their PCs.
  • Live view allows employers to observe in real time what staff members are doing on their laptops.
  • Customizable screenshot frequency: The frequency at which employers capture screenshots of employee activities is up to them.
  • Even when workers are working from home, employers can still keep an eye on their activities using remote monitoring.


  • Absence of features for reports. It might be challenging to follow trends and pinpoint areas for improvement when SoftActivity users are unable to generate reports on employee activity.
  • Disconnected frequently. SoftActivity is known to disconnect frequently, which might disrupt staff processes and make it challenging to keep an eye on prolonged activity, according to some users.
  • Human mistake. SoftActivity depends on workers to manually track their own activities, which might result in mistakes made by humans, such forgetting to track or tracking the wrong project or activity incorrectly.
  • Privacy issues. Because SoftActivity tracks all employee activity on work devices, several customers have expressed worries about the privacy consequences of using the software.
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If everyone was as diligent and reliable as you are, then monitoring software would never be necessary.

You don't have the time to watch over them at their computers, and it would be prohibitively expensive to use valuable IT time to look into these troublemakers. You must manage a business!


Examine their past online activity. Take note of every URL you visit in any browser, including those for social media, email, search engines, and other websites. a snapshot

Even when a person deletes their web browser's history or browses in Incognito or Private mode, SoftActivity still logs their online activities.



Track apps being utilized in real time. This feature allows you to see which apps your users are using and how long they are using them for.

Applications report displays the most popular programs among users. Every user's App History log includes screenshots and time stamps.



Use a web browser to view PC activity reports for all PCs and users in a handy Web Console. The web console is set up locally.

Access control: various supervisors or managers have separate web console accounts, and their access is restricted to viewing specific persons or groups.



An alert is sent to the administrator or the user's supervisor if they violate the company's computer use policy. Based on user activity, such as websites viewed, applications utilized, files accessed, or keystrokes made, the administrator can set up alert rules. a snapshot

Email reports are sent out on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, providing statistics on computer usage for every user. Without authenticating into the web portal, you can view it even on your phone. Typical email reports



Set attendance records and increase worker productivity.

You can observe how long and precisely a user was away from their computer during the day with idle time tracking.



Employee emails sent and received on work computers should be documented.

View discussions on Slack, Zoom, Teams, and other platforms on a sequence of screenshots in the Applications report.



The solution uses SoftActivity's IntelliSnapTM technology to capture screenshots of the remote PC screen. Simple activity monitoring of employees when you're not there. You can record the entire screen or just the active app.



Track down and stop employee information theft.

Monitor external hard drives or USB flash drives for potential employee file theft. Watch every file operation, including Move, Rename, Delete, and Read.



To examine employee activity records, only authorized managers and supervisors may log in to the on-premise Web Console or establish a remote connection to a computer.

Not considered a danger by the majority of antivirus software. While adding an antivirus exclusion is advised to prevent further detection.



Easily monitor how your staff is using computers and software. This allows you to keep an eye on the apps they open and how long they spend using them.

Applications report displays the most popular programs among users.

Apps History logs each user's time stamps.

On your PCs, our employee monitoring solution captures both local and remote sessions, including RDP/RDS, TeamViewer, LogmeIn, etc. You can keep an easy eye on your remote workers that work from home.


Using our web-based cloud-based portal, you can view detailed PC activity statistics and records for every computer and user in your organization.

Data storage for up to six months. Adjust the data retention duration to meet your unique use case and to guarantee regulatory compliance.

Use the Dashboard to view computer usage data for the entire company, including the most popular websites, programs, and users.

For a more in-depth look, search and filter reports by date, computer, user, or group.

Multiple administrators, managers, or supervisors can observe user activity thanks to our access control function, which restricts access to particular departments within your company.

Allowing employees to log in and examine their personal productivity statistics and logs can help them become more self-aware and perform better overall. Simply make an account for them and grant them access to see who they are.


With our automated daily, weekly, and monthly reports sent straight to your inbox, you can stay up to date on your employees' computer usage details.

These reports, which are easily accessible on any device without requiring login credentials to access the online portal, provide usage statistics for every user.

With our web console, you can quickly create reports in PDF and Excel (CSV) formats. Get email reports to keep yourself informed about the activities and insights of your team.


Set attendance records and increase worker productivity. tracking user session duration and recording the following data for every work session:

  • Timestamps for logging in and out to keep track of work hours
  • Name of the computer and user account
  • Length of work session and idle time (user's time spent away from the computer)
  • Top websites and apps
  • Full timeline of screenshots will be available soon.

With idle time tracking, you can observe exactly when and for how long a user was not using their computer during the day.


(Not yet available; soon to be)

Establish alert rules according on user behavior, such as websites and apps accessed.

Get email alerts in the event that someone violates the company's computer usage policy.

View policy infractions quickly via the online console so you can act when it's appropriate.

Reduce the amount of time you spend on user monitoring and make sure corporate policies are followed.


Using the most recent security procedures and practices, SoftActivity safely manages the application and data in a secure data center hosted by a major cloud services provider. You can be sure that your data is secure and safe when you use SoftActivity Work SaaS.

Safe multi-tenant architecture: Every SoftActivity Work client has a private, environment that is isolated from other tenants, guaranteeing improved security, data privacy, and performance that is tuned to meet your company's unique requirements.

The SoftActivity Work cloud app can only be accessed by authorized administrators and managers inside your organization in order to view user activity records.

The SoftActivity Work application is built without a keylogger function, guaranteeing that it won't store or record any sensitive data or passwords, protecting the security and privacy of your customers' private information.

Every piece of data is encrypted while in storage and is only sent via TLS-encrypted channels.


The optional Stealth Mode makes this monitoring software totally undetectable to monitored users on computers owned by the business, enabling covert and minimal staff monitoring.

In order to track users' labor hours on the company's project, we also provide a Visible mode, also known as the Freelancer Mode, which requires users to click the Start and Stop labor buttons.

Employees are able to participate in personal activities without being watched when monitoring is suspended. This feature is intended for use by contractors, freelancers, and employees who use their personal computers for business and need a visible way to track their activities.

Caution! Only businesses and organizations can use Stealth Mode to keep an eye on their own work PCs. Businesses must confirm that it is legal for them to monitor personnel in their area, adhere to user consent laws, and respect our terms of service and acceptable usage policy.


The pricing plan includes 1-year plan with around 240$ per year for 3 computers, 2 years will cost around 154$ per year for 3 computers, 123$ per month for 3 computers. 

Syndey A. 09.11.2023

Pros: The view history as a video is a great tool. Being able to see what is going on live and to be able to customize how often a screenshot is saved.

Cons: It does not allow for running reports. Also looking at a web address I cannot always tell if it is personal or business and have to revert to looking at each individual screenshot. I have demoed other software and although this one is easier to navigate others gave report options.

Smack N. 19.10.2023

Pros: The software is very easy to install and use.

Cons: The time option to filter the date and time would make the use easier. Please do make some videos on all settings so it's easier to watch and implement.

Liana M. 05.09.2023

Pros: Pro is being able to turn on/off the monitoring notification. Sending notifications/popups to users. Having both the screen view as well as keystroke views is incredibly helpful.

Cons: Users frequently disconnect, and the only solution is to uninstall and reinstall the AmAgent software. Makes it difficult to monitor long-term, and interrupts both my day and the users by having to do the reinstall. If you're looking at the keystrokes view while a user is actively typing, the screen will continue to jump down to the bottom of the page as the keystrokes are updated.

Viacheslav Zimyatov,