Pros: StaffCop monitoring software has excellent Timesheet tools: attendance reports, employee efficiency analysis, sorting productive and non-productive programs and websites. We also appreciated printer monitoring and online employee desktop monitoring options. However, we reckon that the latter option is implemented better in Kickidler. Also, StaffCop solution allows taking webcam pictures, record audio via microphone, track all file operations and block usb-devices.

Cons: For the drawback side, this soft does not record screen activity video. It is a must-have feature for investigating questionable issues in a company. The program just captures and saves screenshots. Real time monitoring option is not implemented efficiently. StaffCop does not provide for Cloud Hosted.

Our opinion: It is a good software with a slight bias towards safety. Compatible with both Windows and Linux.

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Ivan Gorbanets 06.06.2019

Very helpful software

Pros: The functionality is great. The program captures keystrokes, the devices that have been plugged in, the sites that have been visited. You can identify time wasters so much easier with the help of StaffCop.

Cons: Very complicated interface.

Viacheslav Zimyatov,