Kickidler is the most sophisticated and affordable software among top Employee Monitoring Software, designed to help employers keep track of their employees’ work activities. This software allows businesses to increase productivity and efficiency by monitoring employee activity with real-time monitoring and through in-depth reports, thus providing insights on how to optimize work processes. However, like any software, Kickidler has its pros and cons that should be considered before implementing it in the workplace.


Increased Productivity: Kickidler can significantly increase employee productivity by providing an overview of how much time employees are spending on different tasks. This information can be used to identify areas where employees are spending too much time and make adjustments to improve overall productivity.

Employee Engagement: Kickidler can also help improve employee engagement by providing feedback on their work. Employees can see their progress in real-time, which can help motivate them to work more efficiently. This feature is called Autokick and is meant to boost the engagement of employees at the same time freeing bussiness owners the urden of following every second of their employees.

Improved Time Management: With Kickidler, employers can track the time employees spend on specific tasks. This allows employers to identify time-wasting activities and help employees manage their time more effectively.
Better Employee Performance: Kickidler also provides performance metrics that can help employers identify top-performing employees. This information can be used to provide rewards and recognition for their hard work, which can improve employee morale and motivation.

Data Security: To start with, Kickidler itself provides a secure platform for storing employee data which can be set on-premise. Besides this, it ensures that confidential information is not leaked or accessed by unauthorized personnel by unlocking the following features for information security specialists: alerting the most malicious websites and applications, sends automatic reports per instruction, e.g. when the file name contains the word “download”, creates email notifications on certain actions set by the employer.

Privacy Concerns: One of the main concerns of using Employee Monitoring Software is the invasion of privacy. Some employees may feel uncomfortable knowing that their employer is monitoring their every move. This can lead to a lack of trust in the workspace and decreased employee morale. That’s why Kickidler blocks the password & login recording and doesn’t show such vulnerable data to the employers.


Mobile Application: Kickidler is still optimizing its mobile version of the following the employees and soon will be available.

Cloud: The Cloud version of this monitoring system is currently available only for Time Tracking Version of the software and soon will be available for EM variant, as well.


Kickidler is a powerful tool for improving productivity and efficiency in the workplace. It provides valuable insights into employee behavior that can help employers identify areas for improvement. However, there are also some downsides to using Employee Monitoring Software. Employers should carefully consider these pros and cons before implementing Kickidler or any other Employee Monitoring Software in their workplace. It is also important for employers to communicate transparently with their employees about the use of such software and ensure that they are not violating their employees' privacy rights.

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Intro: Kickidler is a top Employee Monitoring Software to provide in-depth employee data reports on productivity and user activity with a real-time monitoring feature to uncover discipline issues, data leakage, unproductive work and security issues. 

About: Kickidler provides all the necessary tools to optimize productivity and discipline of employees, teams, groups of freelancers and remote workers. With its widely ranged employee monitoring reports, even largest enterprises can receive detailed data within a few seconds on all of the employees, their productive worktime, intensity of working hours and rating. 

Real-time Monitoring

Most used feature of Kickidler is its unique real-time monitoring which helps to monitor up to 1000 employees simultanously with every second fixed. What is more, you can easliy access the tool and see who is using working time to cheat on the employer, and even easily download the recordings to save or share. 

With live screen monitoring, Kickidler helps to detect employee fraud or reveal insider threats and quickly react, to prevent insider attacks and protect data.

Productivity analysis

With reports meant for monitoring employee productivity, employers can easily assess the efficency of employees’ work. These reports help determine the average employee productivity in the company, as well as identify the employees that are both the most motivated and the most apathetic. Reports show productive time, applications used, timing on each of them, their first and last activity, etc.. Productivity reports include Efficiency report, Day's details report, Dynamics report, Time report and Applications report.

Employee Rating

Employee ratings can be made for any duration as well as for a predetermined time (a day, a week, a month, or a quarter).

The report will swiftly and effectively identify the company's or department's top and least productive personnel.

Work time reports

The main report fixing the employee work time is Working hour report. 

The report shows the employee's initial and last computer-related activities for each workday. Due to its vast reports Kickidler can also be used as a remote Employee Monitoring Software.

The report indicates lateness if the employee turned on the computer later than anticipated for his shift. The report shows undertime if an employee leaves the computer before the end of his scheduled shift. The report indicates absence if the employee failed to switch on the computer during a workday.

Day's details report indicates activity into 5-minute intervals and groups of efficiency in the dynamics of the day. Some employees are more productive before lunch, while others are more productive after lunch. For better managing of the human resources of the company use the dynamics report.

Basic reports show all programs and websites that were opened by the employees collect in the time report.

Kickidler is also one of the best employee time tracking software and records any deviations from the established work schedule:

  • Being late;
  • Leaving early;
  • Skipping work;
  • Working overtime.

Information security features

Kickidler can extensively be used for data loss prevention, protecting company’s sensitive data. Also, the software stands with the employee in the matters of blocking recording of personal data fields, e.g. passwords.

The desktop activity of each employee's computer is videotaped at all times. The event shows up in the histogram of events if an employee accesses a particular website, runs a particular program, or opens a window with a header marked as restricted.

Feature for the busiest managers

A collection of tools called Autokick is intended to enhance employee self-management. In other words, this feature of Kickidler refers to a rise in self-control and a simultaneous fall in direct meddling in an individual's motivational process.

Employees may view user activity monitoring analytics on their own productivity through a customized interface as well as automated alerting of workplace breaches, all of which are features of Autokick. For a typical employee, Autokick may be thought of as an alarm clock that. When required, it will sound an alert and prompt them to perform more effectively. You may guarantee an unparalleled amount of autonomy in assessing an employee's productivity by putting up a system of automated notifications on breaches and giving workers access to statistics on their productivity at all times.

Once activating the reporting features, the employer needs to spend no time on the software cause the automated reports become available in the Inbox in the set time period.


The price for software among its competitors is the most affordable, suggesting two types of plans: time tracking (starting from 2.75$) and employee monitoring (full package, starting from 6.6$). 


Pros: We want to monitor and manage the client communications that our team has with them. This technology offers us the capacity to accomplish this not just in real-time but also in the past, and we can review the data whenever we need to if required. We deployed the platform on a local server in the office for security reasons, but we can still monitor and view the history from any other location, which is the main benefit.

The simplicity with which all three components—viewer, node, and particularly grabber—can be installed is crucial. Almost all of them install with a single click.

Kickidler's ability to capture and show screens even on a multi-monitor Desktop impressed

Cons: Keylogger cannot be switched to video history for a certain period. You must download the recorder history for the required days if you need to locate an event that occurred in the prior days. I'll submit an improvement request, and I'm hoping the developer will get around to adding this function soon.


Pros: The Employee Monitoring Software we have used so far, Kickidler, is the easiest to use. We have used other programs in the past, but they were more expensive and difficult to setup. Kickidler is the greatest product on the market if you're looking for the most effective Employee Monitoring Software with fairly extensive reports. By the way, their real-time monitoring is likewise quite user-friendly.

Cons: Needs a server to control logs.

Caleb Adams, Sales 23.04.2019

Kickidler is very easy to use and quite intuitive

Pros: The interface is very easy and user-friendly. It’s also quite easy to code applications and website as productive or unproductive. The program gives amazing, comprehensive picture of your employees’ productivity. The option of screenshots is helpful. We don’t use it to spy on our employees; it helps us determine errors when one of our programs is having trouble. Every interaction with the provider has been excellent, and the developers are always eager to help and take suggestions to improve their already great product. So once you purchase and install the software, you are not alone – there is always someone from the Kickidler’s support service that can help you.

Cons: It’s difficult to find fault with this system.

Robert Hughes, Telecommunication 19.04.2019

It’s a very detailed and proactive system that has helped us a lot

Pros: The software offers a very proactive and detailed monitoring platform. I have to be honest, it’s absolutely fantastic. We have used a lot of different monitoring systems, however, since we've started using Kickidler, we have no need to switch between different systems. Kickidler monitors everything.

Cons: I don’t think there are a lot of negative things I can say about Kickidler, really. Just a bit of advice for you, though – use a good connection.

Dan S, Security 15.04.2019

Amazing software with quite a number of features

Pros: Kickidler is a comprehensive monitoring software with insane functionality and customization. If you have quite a few of employees or if you want to introduce a monitoring program to help your company work more sufficiently, I honestly think Kickidler is your best bet.
Another thing I’d like to point out is the fact that the support team is definitely knowledgeable in regards to their product, and that’s something I really appreciate.
Summing it all up, the extensive customization, alert options and all the security features make it possible for me to recommend Kickidler to the employers that are looking to exercise control of the way their employees interact with company resources.

Cons: I’m not sure I can call it a setback, but all the functions of the software can make it a little complicated for the people who are new to this sort of monitoring.

Viacheslav Zimyatov,