ActivTrak is a comprehensive employee monitoring and analytics software designed to help businesses track and analyze their employees' productivity and engagement. It provides organizations with valuable insights into how employees spend their time, enabling them to make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency and optimize workflow. ActivTrak examines digital work activity data to get insights into how employees operate, whether they are based in an office or working remotely.


Enhanced Productivity: ActivTrak helps businesses identify time-wasting activities and optimize productivity by providing insights into employee work habits and task allocation. It allows managers to track how employees spend their time and identify areas where improvements can be made.

Improved Efficiency: By analyzing data on website and application usage, ActivTrak helps organizations identify bottlenecks and streamline processes. Managers can allocate resources more effectively and ensure that employees are focused on high-priority tasks.

Data-Driven Decision Making: ActivTrak's comprehensive analytics and reporting features enable businesses to make informed decisions based on real-time data. By understanding employee behavior and performance trends, managers can implement targeted strategies to drive productivity and success.

Employee Accountability: ActivTrak fosters a culture of accountability by tracking and monitoring employee activities. It encourages employees to stay focused and avoid unproductive behaviors, leading to increased productivity and a more efficient work environment.

Easy to use: AktivTrak is a relatively easy-to-use Employee Monitoring Software. The interface is intuitive and the installation process is straightforward.

Detailed reports: AktivTrak provides detailed reports on employee activity, including websites visited, applications used, and time spent on each task. This information can be used to identify areas where employees are spending too much or too little time and to make adjustments as needed.


Interface: The number of reports is of great quantity and finding out where to seek the information and which filters to use to get exactly what you need requires a lot of effort.

Load times of dashboard: The load time on the dashboard takes several minutes or even freezes.

Pricing: Although the Essential plan includes all other main features provided by other Em it still has paid add-ons that become an additional burden for buyers in case they need more than the suggested plan.

Screen Viewing: In case some staff managers need to disable the screen viewing option, it is not supported by the

Focus on Quantity over Quality: Companies may become too focused on tracking employee activity metrics rather than fostering a work environment that promotes creativity, collaboration, and employee well-being.

Not as feature-rich as some other Employee Monitoring Software: AktivTrak does not offer as many features as some other Employee Monitoring Software, such as the ability to track phone calls or chat messages.

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ActivTrak is an Employee Monitoring Software designed to provide businesses with valuable insights into employee productivity and work patterns. It offers a comprehensive set of features that help organizations optimize workflow, identify areas for improvement, and enhance overall efficiency. This software is particularly well-suited for remote and hybrid work environments, where tracking employee activities can be more challenging.

A notable aspect of ActivTrak is its versatility in customization. Users can tailor the software to their specific requirements by selecting the data they want to monitor, such as applications, websites, or document usage. This flexibility enables organizations to align the monitoring process with their unique business needs and objectives.

Overview Dashboard

In the overview dashboard, users can see all the activity data in graphs, charts, and tables. It helps to increase productivity and encourage better working practices, evaluate employee work patterns, and promptly offer advise. The dashboards show overall distractions and application and website reports.

ctivTrak interface Dashboard
ActivTrak interface Dashboard

Productivity Reports

To know more about the work habits of employees, as other Employee Monitoring Software like Kickidler, ActiveTrack provides productivity reports. In particular, it shows a daily breakdown of time spent on productive vs. unproductive activities, users may view productivity trends by week, month and year. Understand average working hours to ensure alignment across dispersed teams, etc.

ctivTrak interface Productivity Reports
ActivTrak interface Productivity Reports

Team Productivity Summaries

ActivTrak describes this dashboard as "virtual office" in real-time, allowing to view important data for both local and remote teams and individuals. It gives detailed reports on team and individual productivity, current activity and real-time availability status to prevent interfering with concentrated work, simple report drill-down offers further information on programme usage and productivity analysis.

ctivTrak interface Team Productivity Summaries
ActivTrak interface Team Productivity Summaries

Application and Website Reports

To enhance team productivity, it is crucial to gain insights into the applications utilized by different teams and their frequency of use. This information will enable informed investments in appropriate technologies and training. Additionally, analyzing the time spent on various application categories helps assess whether the teams' activities align with their designated roles and responsibilities.

Moreover, keeping track of new applications entering the organization allows for a thorough vetting process to avoid potential compliance risks or redundant license expenses.

ctivTrak interface Application and Website Reports
ActivTrak interface Application and Website Reports

Location-based productivity data

This report gives the chance to understand where the employees are more productively working from – home or office or whether the hybrid form works the best.

ctivTrak interface Location-based productivity data
ActivTrak interface Location-based productivity data

Monitor User Activity in Real-Time

Activtrak helps to track and observe user actions in real-time, to access a comprehensive list of team members' activities in real-time to ensure adherence to healthy work patterns. Users may see if employees are currently engaged in work tasks and see breaks and working hours throughout the day to prevent burnout and promote a balanced work-life schedule.

ctivTrak interface Team Productivity Summaries
ActivTrak interface Team Productivity Summaries

Data Privacy By Default

AktivTrak blocks the gathering of personal and sensitive user information. It shows only the main domain name for activities, while detailed URLs, screenshots, and screen views remain inaccessible. Moreover, the software filters out non-business activity specifics like app names or websites categorized as undefined and unproductive. Instead, these details are presented as a combined time aggregate.

ctivTrak interface Data Privacy
ActivTrak interface Data Privacy

Workload Management

To improve productivity and support healthy work habits, it is important to assess workloads across teams to ensure that everyone is carrying a fair share of the work. This can help to prevent burnout and ensure that everyone is able to be productive.

ctivTrak interface Workload Management
ActivTrak interface Workload Management


The two main pricing plans of ActivTrak are the Essential and Professional plans. The Essentials Plan is a good option for businesses that need more advanced features and starts from 10$/month. The Professional Plan is the most comprehensive plan offered by ActivTrak. It includes all of the features of the Essentials Plan and unlimited data history, a dedicated account manager, and technical support.The cost of a Professional plan is around 17$ per month It also offers a free plan for workplaces having up to 3 employees.


Pros: I appreciate the comprehensive data, charts, and statistics that ActivTrak provides. The coaching and tips that the application offers make it easy to convince my staff that we are not simply spying on them, but rather using their data to help them improve their efficiency.

Cons: Classifying events can be a time-consuming and repetitive task. I'm not sure what the best solution is, but providing a more efficient way to classify events would be helpful. For example, bulk updates or the ability to save custom classifications would be a welcome improvement.


Pros: ActivTrak is a user-friendly workforce analytics software with customizable reporting features and helpful support. The home page provides a quick overview of team activity, which can be customized to view specific time frames. Account help is available through a convenient chat service.

Cons: One of the drawbacks of ActivTrak is that it has too many features and settings. This can make it difficult to find the information you need, especially if you are not familiar with the software. Additionally, some features are only available in higher-tiered accounts, which can be frustrating for users who are already paying for the software. It can be difficult to find the information you need, especially if you are not familiar with the software. Some features are only available in higher-tiered accounts, which can be frustrating for users who are already paying for the software.


Pros: ActivTrak provides documentation for the staff awareness about the program which helps to make the software integration more smoothly

Cons: The level of detail available is a little overwhelming, its taken a while to understand to set up and understand reports

Timothy Ward, Transport 19.04.2019

ActivTrak is very easy to use and quite intuitive

Pros: The interface is very easy and user-friendly. It’s also quite easy to code applications and website as productive or unproductive. The program gives amazing, comprehensive picture of your employees’ productivity. The option of screenshots is helpful. We don’t use it to spy on our employees; it helps us determine errors when one of our programs is having trouble. Every interaction with the provider has been excellent, and the developers are always eager to help and take suggestions to improve their already great product. So once you purchase and install the software, you are not alone – there is always someone from the ActivTrak’s support service that can help you. I love that the program can be accessed remotely.

Cons: It’s difficult to find fault with this system.

Viacheslav Zimyatov,