Pros: employee work-time tracking, screenshots taking, online schedules generating, reporting, and even issuing invoices for payments. This set of options will be useful for those having remote staff. Actually, this software is intended for it.

Cons: Hubstaff lacks some crucial options for no-kidding Employee Monitoring Software. For instance, there is no real-time employee monitoring option or any History playback. It does not give a possibility of in-depth employee tracking; and its employee performance analysis is way too simple.

Our opinion: Hubstaff is an advanced time tracker and that’s it.

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Darlene Day, IT 13.05.2019

Easy and effective

Pros: I find Hubstuff to be one of the most easy programs of such kind to use. The thing I like the most is the comprehensive user experience. I enjoy being in control and up-to-date with the things my employees do. Hubstuff does a great job as a time tracking and Employee Monitoring Software. It does help companies keep track of their employees.

Cons: Sometimes screenshots of the computer screens take a lot of time to download.

Viacheslav Zimyatov,