Hubstaff is a productivity and time-tracking tool designed to assist companies in managing their remote workers. Employers can use it to keep tabs on workers' hours worked, assess productivity, and provide thorough reports. Numerous more functions, including project management, payroll processing, and invoicing, are also provided by Hubstaff.


  • Effective Time Tracking: Hubstaff provides a powerful and intuitive time-tracking system that makes it simple for staff members to precisely log their working hours. This is especially advantageous for companies that charge their customers by the number of hours spent.
  • Effective Remote Work Management: Hubstaff offers tools to track and manage remote workers in light of the growing popularity of remote work. Regardless of geographical location, it enables companies to keep an eye on production and maintain communication with their workers.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Hubstaff's tools for tracking productivity enable companies to spot wasteful spending and inefficiencies. Businesses can increase productivity by using data-driven decision-making to better understand how time is spent.
  • GPS Tracking: This function, which allows for real-time position monitoring to make sure staff members are where they need to be while boosting efficiency and security, is perfect for companies with mobile and field teams.
  • Simplified Payroll and Invoicing: Hubstaff integrates with widely used accounting and payment systems to streamline payroll and invoicing. This lowers the amount of manual data entry and payroll processing errors.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Hubstaff offers thorough analytics and reports that give companies insightful information on the productivity of their workers, project expenses, and time management. Making educated judgments and optimizing operations are made easier with this data-driven approach.
  • Integration Capabilities: Hubstaff is an adaptable complement to your current tech stack since it connects with numerous project management, CRM, and accounting programs. Overall efficiency is increased and workflows are made simpler by this interoperability.
  • Employee Scheduling: Businesses may effectively assign work and make sure that team members are given equal responsibilities by utilizing the employee scheduling tool. This facilitates better teamwork and workload management.


  • Employee Opposition: Workers may object to the deployment of monitoring software such as Hubstaff if they believe it violates their privacy or betrays a lack of confidence. A decline in morale and job satisfaction may arise from this resistance.
  • Data Security Risks: There may be security issues when storing screenshots and private employee data on cloud servers. Even though Hubstaff takes precautions to protect data, confidential information may still be compromised by a breach or security lapse.
  • Complexity & Learning Curve: Some users may find Hubstaff's capabilities and settings too complex, particularly for smaller companies or less tech-savvy teams. Effective implementation of the program may necessitate additional time and effort due to its sophisticated setup and continuous management.
  • Costs: Hubstaff is not a free service, and smaller companies on a tight budget may find its subscription-based pricing to be a drawback. As more features or users are utilised, the price may go up.
  • Internet Connectivity։ Requires internet connectivity to function, which might be problematic for field or distant employees in places with inadequate or nonexistent internet access. This is because Hubstaff's offline capabilities are limited. In these kinds of situations, offline work tracking and synchronization might not be as useful.
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Hubstaff creates software that helps people who work remotely, on the go, or for growing companies work better together. Here are some of the features that Hubstaff provides.

Time Tracking 

Apps for tracking time have many benefits that can have a big impact on efficiency and productivity. This information facilitates correct billing and invoicing, enhances project management, helps identify time-wasting activities, and gives a clear knowledge of how time is allocated. Individuals and teams may enhance performance, streamline workflows, and make well-informed decisions with the help of real-time data and detailed insights.


Employees may effortlessly track the amount of time they spend on activities and projects with the help of Hubstaff's timesheet software. Then, you may use the comprehensive timesheet data to manage payroll, send client invoices, and get a clear understanding of your expenses.

Get rid with the paper time cards completely. Our time tracking programs for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and Google Chrome automatically create digital timesheets.

Hubstaff Timesheet

Time reporting 

To track time on projects and tasks, invite team members to download Hubstaff's apps for Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, macOS, and Chrome. Sort and mark reports so they can be easily accessed. The time and activity report details the tasks completed by your team, as well as the amount of time and effort invested in each project, client, and team member.

You can filter by project, client, or team member after choosing a date period. You can plan reports to be received daily, weekly, bimonthly, or monthly and save your preferred filters.

Create a culture of constant development by fusing context with data. Hubstaff will produce totals and graphs to assist you in visualizing the data after you have established your filters.

Give data tales context so you can see why particular trends perform better or worse than benchmarks. Make better use of these insights in future planning and procedures.

Keep a close eye on project costs and budgets so that you can make wise choices. Establish budgets and monitor weekly targets with ease to guarantee effective resource distribution. Accurate forecasting for upcoming projects is made possible by the extensive reports that help you get important insights and control costs.

Possess total insight into worker timesheets, ensuring accurate payroll processing. With Hubstaff, you can easily automate payments for both local and foreign workers, eliminating the need for tedious computations. Simplify payroll processing and safely send out on-time, error-free payments.

Learn everything there is to know about the time that your staff spends. You can efficiently assess whether team members are having trouble fulfilling targets by imposing weekly hour limits. Examine variations in activity rates to identify bottlenecks and improve time management, which will lead to better resource allocation and use.


Geofenced time and attendance 

Hubstaff Geofenced time and attendance

When crews arrive at a job location, the mobile app can use geofences to instantly start the timer. Alternatively, it may notify them to log in as soon as they arrive. You'll be able to see when scheduled shifts begin on time and receive comprehensive, location-based work hour records.

Employee Productivity Tracking 

Hubstaff keeps track of activities, tasks, and projects while team members log their time. Each person gets complete access to their own data. The Hubstaff dashboard and comprehensive data allow you to examine what's working and where you may make improvements.

Hubstaff Employee Productivity Tracking

Track Habits 

You may track the amount of time spent on each behavior with this habit tracker software by using the desktop or mobile habit tracking apps. Utilize time reports to acquire knowledge and modify your habits.

Hubstaff Track Habits

Once you begin an action linked to a habit, all you need to do is click or hit the Start button in the Hubstaff app to track the amount of time spent on that habit. Click or press the Stop button when you're done. On Hubstaff's dashboard, time entries and reports are visible. Make use of this information to discover time-wasting activities and gain greater insight into your routines.

Workforce Optimization Software 

Workforce optimization is a project management technique that blends workforce management and team performance indicators. Hubstaff simplifies this procedure by centralizing key metrics.

Find out which projects are a hindrance to your business and cause delays. Check who on the team has clocked in and is prepared to work. To save time on repeated chores like scheduling, reporting, and invoicing, use automated tools.

Autofill your Stand-ups

You can use your own to-do list in Hubstaff Tasks to have your stand-ups automatically filled in if you use that feature. Unchecked chores will appear in what's next, while crossed-off items will appear in what you worked on.

Two apps, seamlessly connected

All actions performed in Hubstaff Tasks, such as assigning work, modifying projects, and creating tasks, are automatically synchronized with Hubstaff time tracking. Or, utilize the integrated project time tracker in Hubstaff Tasks.

Real-Time Workplace Insights 

Start monitoring staff performance and time after that. Compile information on employees' hours worked, use of websites and apps, and staffing levels. Planning projects and efforts is made more thoughtfully when using the performance management data. Analyze data to improve talent management. Next, make use of Hubstaff's reporting capabilities to streamline processes for upcoming tasks. By giving the appropriate assignments to the proper people, you may boost productivity.

A simple workforce analytics software solution for improving employee engagement

Workforce management tactics and employee metrics are combined with the capability of workforce analytics software. Executives in business can maximize employee relations by using appropriate statistical models and personnel information.

HR managers and team leaders may use Hubstaff's sophisticated data collecting techniques and employee productivity tracking software to optimize personnel scheduling, enhance project onboarding, and boost total outputs.

Productivity Management

Calculating the income generated by the company and dividing it by the total number of workers who contributed to those projects is a straightforward method of tracking worker productivity over time.

To provide meaningful insights, it would be better and more accurate to use employee experience, retention rates, staff turnover, and other data sources.

Is there any area where productivity management allows you to reduce staffing?

Employee Engagement

Low staff involvement typically indicates that there is room for improvement in areas such as: Environment of work, Workplace obligations, Process flow, Workplace culture.

Counting the number of attendees at corporate events is another approach for managers to gauge employee engagement.

Alternatively, businesses might begin utilizing staff surveys to find out what their workers require from them. They can then use this feedback to create employee engagement plans. Employees can gain new skills, improve their work-life balance, and get more active at work in this way.

Remote Workforce Management

Data demonstrating proof of work is necessary to increase productivity in remote teams.

By comparing the amount of time it takes to finish a task with the caliber of the work, you can monitor workforce productivity. Thankfully, there are many time management applications available that can greatly streamline this procedure.

In this manner, you can determine whether those who work from home produce more than those who work in an office.

Project Cost Management 

When your cost estimate limits are about to be exceeded, Hubstaff alerts you. Throughout the entire lifecycle, automatically track and manage expenditures.

Gain valuable insights from Hubstaff reports to improve future estimations and more precisely manage actual expenditures. Next, send a direct Hubstaff invoice.

Track overtime hours 

Establish a cap on the number of regular hours that team members are allowed to work in a given day, week, or scheduled shift. This lessens overtime and facilitates the administration of overtime compensation.

The time that your team members track gets immediately entered into timesheets. Additionally, geofenced job sites allow workers to clock in and out only when they enter or exit designated areas.


Hubstaff offers four paid plans: Starter, Grow, Team, and Enterprise. The Starter plan starts at $5 per user per month and includes time tracking, payroll integration, and basic reports. The Grow plan starts at $7.5 per user per month and adds features such as Integration, Project budget and Expenses. Team plan includesPayments & payroll, unlimited integrations, scheduling & attendance, client budgets, etc. The Enterprise plan is customized to meet the needs of larger businesses and includes features such as dedicated support and custom integrations.

Tiana M. 30.10.2023

Pros: This time tracking software does exactly what it's supposed to do: it tracks hours worked, activity, bill rates, and pay rates. It also takes random screenshots of your screen, which can be helpful for proving to clients how long you spent on a particular task. The software is also fairly easy to use.

Cons: The time tracking software does not allow you to set different hourly rates for different projects or team members. This is a problem because different team members may have different hourly rates, and clients may be paying different hourly fees for different projects. Additionally, the software does not allow you to set an hourly rate for a client budget. This means that if a client is paying an hourly fee, and the developer does not know how long a task will take, they cannot set an hourly rate for that client. The software only allows you to track total time worked and total budget.

Arnold M. 20.09.2023

Pros: I like that it sends updates to your email. It lets your time tracking easier. You may also view your timeline in days, hours or weeks. Unlike the other platform, this one is very much easier to navigate. I'd say this is very user-friendly.

Cons: The platform has only crashed once in two years, but when it does, I can't sign in or start a new task without hitting play first. This is annoying, especially when I'm busy.

Anna M. 15.08.2023

Pros: We use Hubstaff to track our time for every task, every day. We can record our start and end times for each output, and Hubstaff generates timesheets for us. If the site has an error or the user is unable to manage their time smoothly, the administrator can adjust the time tracking to ensure that everyone completes eight hours of work per day.

Cons: Hubstaff's timer can sometimes stop running on display if the tab is idle, requiring a reload to see the actual recorded time. This can be inconvenient, and I hope Hubstaff releases updates to improve the browser experience.

Darlene Day, IT 13.05.2019

Easy and effective

Pros: I find Hubstuff to be one of the most easy programs of such kind to use. The thing I like the most is the comprehensive user experience. I enjoy being in control and up-to-date with the things my employees do. Hubstuff does a great job as a time tracking and Employee Monitoring Software. It does help companies keep track of their employees.

Cons: Sometimes screenshots of the computer screens take a lot of time to download.

Viacheslav Zimyatov,