Time Doctor is a productivity management and time-tracking tool made to assist both individuals and companies in monitoring their work hours and enhancing their time management skills. Users can keep track of the time they spend on particular projects, monitor their work activities, and generate reports for more accurate productivity analysis. In addition, Time Doctor provides features like screen capture, tracking of websites and applications, and interfaces with other project management and accounting solutions. For teams trying to maximize their productivity and time, freelancers, and remote workers, it can be a useful tool.


  • Accurate time tracking: Even when staff are working on several projects at once, Time Doctor can precisely track the amount of time spent on each one. 
  • Detailed reporting: Time Doctor offers comprehensive reports that include task breakdowns, websites and apps utilized, and time spent. You can utilize this data to pinpoint areas in need of development and increase output.
  • Versatile usage options: Time Doctor is available for both interactive and silent use.  Interactive mode gives managers real-time insights into employee activities, while silent mode lets workers work uninterrupted. 
  • Mobile-friendly: Employees may track their time while on the go with Time Doctor's mobile app. 
  • Reasonably priced:To accommodate companies of all sizes, Time Doctor provides a range of price options.
  • Simple to use: Time Doctor is simple to set up and utilize for employees and managers alike.


  • Concerns about privacy: Time Doctor may collect a large amount of information regarding employees' computer activities, such as screenshots, webcam footage, and website and app usage. Some employees may perceive this as an intrusion into their privacy.
  • Inaccuracy concerns: Some users have complained that Time Doctor does not always precisely measure time. This can be particularly difficult for freelancers and remote workers who must bill their clients by the hour.
  • Problems with mobile apps: It has been reported that the Time Doctor mobile app crashes and has synchronization issues. This can make it tough to keep track of time while on the run.
  • The timer will stop if the mouse and keyboard are not in use: Time If the mouse and keyboard are not in use for a particular amount of time, the doctor's timer will stop recording time. This can be troublesome for employees who need to take short breaks or step away from their computers.
  • There is no free version: There is no free plan available from Time Doctor. This can be too expensive for small organizations and individuals on a tight budget.
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Time Doctor's comprehensive, data-driven solutions provide you with actionable insights that will allow to work smarter, not harder, and enhance productivity to drive income.

Time tracking

TimeDoctor ensures that teams are actively working on the correct things. It increases visibility for all sorts of employees, whether they are remote, hybrid, or in-office. It improves billing accuracy and payroll efficiency.

Time Doctor time-tracking Time Doctor Payroll

Time Doctor simplifies time tracking for enterprises. With the press of a button, users can create tasks and begin tracking time. Simply toggle each activity on and off, and we'll do the rest! A productivity analysis is available in the Time Doctor dashboard, which is accessible to both employees and supervisors. There are also automatic alerts to keep you and your team on track when your computer is idle.

Time Doctor dashboard

Employers and managers may relax knowing that their personnel are on time and on task. If you have 20 or more employees, our onboarding team can assist you.

Instantly improve the way you run business with Time Doctor time tracking

Time Doctor can help your company's efficiency and billing. Immediate benefits include improved time tracking, billing, and payroll. Long-term productivity gains can be expected for the entire firm. 

Increase workplace productivity by evaluating your and your employees' time. Time Doctor tracks the overall time worked by each member of your team, offering a clear breakdown of time usage. The dashboard's customizable features allow you to select what you track and evaluate. 

Time Doctor Productivity Percentages

One dashboard to rule them all

All of your reports may be found here, including easy-to-read summaries of the time spent on each project, client, and job. Summary reports are accessible on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to help you rapidly examine behavior patterns. Change any habits that waste time or cost the firm money right away.

You can also examine how much time is spent at the computer versus away from it, as well as how long breaks last. Maintain accountability at work for yourself and your staff, even if they are hundreds of miles away. It doesn't get any easier than this for time management!

Time Doctor Projects

Productivity analytics

TimeDoctor reduces inefficiencies, optimizes procedures, and keeps expenses under control. You can gain insight into coaching requirements and process flaws. With reliable data, you can empower everyone to self-manage and self-improve.

Time Doctor interface

Ultimate project and time management software

Time Doctor interface

You can track time and view time summary for each customer, job, and project, view browsing, app, and chat histories, with optional screenshots, determine which tasks consume the most time and eliminate time wasters.

Distraction alarms and idle computer reminders will help you stay focused, integrate with the time tracking apps you already use, such as Slack, Wrike, and others.

Time management

With only one click to begin tracking, you'll unlock a whole new world of productivity opportunities. Time monitoring allows for daily, weekly, and monthly reports that provide insight into productive vs. inefficient tasks. Employees and employers can both evaluate patterns to remove jobs that waste time and money across the organization.

Time Doctor dashboard

Enhance productivity 

The program requires minimal effort to operate, yet its capabilities are enormous! Employees immediately boost their focus and work production when they know they are being observed and held accountable. And this is only the beginning of Time Doctor's many advantages. 

Time Doctor app rating

Discover your time management superpowers

Efficiency is critical to the success of any firm, large or small. Your team only has so many hours in a day, so make the most of them with Time Doctor's accurate time monitoring and summary reports.

Employees and employers can access projects, tasks, and productivity reports on the dashboard, which is simple to use. Time Doctor is the quickest approach to increase productivity. Discover your superpowers and get more done today.

Employee monitoring

Time Doctor simplifies employee monitoring and project management with a customizable, all-in-one tool. Check attendance, engagement, and workflow across the organization in real time. See summaries of employee web and app usage, as well as website history records. Optionally capture screenshots to observe what's being worked on in real time. Track employee time accurately and generate timesheets automatically.

Time Doctor app usage Time Doctor projects

Detailed workday insights 

Consider how much your firm could expand if you suddenly gained the ability to identify and eliminate distractions.

With Time Doctor's staff monitoring software, the effect is immediate. Employees will eliminate time-wasting actions once they are aware they are being observed and held accountable. Employees can view personal summary, while supervisors can see actual proof of efficiency through time monitoring, historical reports, screenshots, and other tools. Time Doctor is simple to set up and contains extra project management capabilities for future expansion.

Time Doctor Detailed workday insights

Give your team that extra push towards efficiency and growth!

Workforce management

You can improve hybrid and flexible workers' visibility and responsibility, determine employee engagement and satisfaction concerns in order to retain talent, automate routine administrative processes so that your teams can focus on more strategic and value-added projects.

Time Doctor Workforce Management

Integrate payroll with timesheets 

Improve payroll operations by using automatic time tracking and streamlined payouts.

Payroll is made simple for businesses of all sizes by Time Doctor. Projects and assignments are created by managers. With the click of a button, employees can quickly track their time. Time Doctor's intelligent software organizes this data to generate automatic timesheets that can be uploaded to your preferred payroll system.

Payroll shouldn’t be complicated

With a more efficient payroll processing system, you may save time and money.

Say goodbye to lengthy spreadsheets, tedious data entry, and the possibility of human mistake in payroll processing. Using Time Doctor timesheets and payroll connection, you may streamline payments. You can use many of the programs you already use, such as Payoneer, Paypal, and TransferWise, or integrate with one of the many other options available.


Time Doctor offers three paid pricing plans: Basic, Standard, and Enterprise. The Basic plan costs $7 per user per month when billed annually, or $10 per user per month when billed monthly. The Standard plan costs $10 per user per month when billed annually, or $14 per user per month when billed monthly. The Enterprise plan costs $20 per user per month when billed annually, or $28 per user per month when billed monthly.

Irene L. 27.11.2023

Pros: Time Doctor has been an invaluable tool for me for nearly four years. It accurately tracks my time spent on projects, aids in workflow management, and provides proof of work hours for payment requests. The desktop and mobile apps are both user-friendly, with manual time editing options for added flexibility. The activity bar is a particularly useful feature for staying on top of tasks.

Cons: I try to keep my software up-to-date but encountered a glitch when Time Doctor ran non-stop. Reinstalling the app fixed the issue. The activity bar can be bothersome as it doesn't minimize behind apps. An option to resize and minimize it would be helpful. Despite these minor issues, I'm generally satisfied with Time Doctor's performance.

Leo M. 29.10.2023

Pros: It enables all team member to have an efficient use of their time while measuring data for reporting. Also serves as a safety net for both employee and employer.

Cons: While Time Doctor offers comprehensive reporting features, it lacks a crucial element: screenshot inclusion in email-generated reports. Additionally, users have encountered instances of bugs, slow performance, and lag following app updates on both desktop and mobile platforms. These shortcomings hinder the overall user experience and detract from the app's potential.

Mohamed Y. 21.09.2023

Pros: What I like best about Time Doctor is its easy use. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, saving me much time and frustration. I also appreciate the detailed reports and insights it provides, which help me stay on track and improve my productivity.

Cons: From a user perspective, one aspect I find somewhat disappointing about Time Doctor is its limited mobile functionality. While the desktop version offers a range of features and capabilities, the mobile app lacks some of the functionalities that make Time Doctor so useful.

Viacheslav Zimyatov,