Insightful is a web-based software that provides employers with a dashboard that displays real-time information on their employees' activities but lacks real-time video monitoring. It is positioned as a productivity tool to raise the efficiency of employees’ working time spent on each website and project. Its friendly structured interface is easy to use and convenient to do the least to get the most of employee productivity. However, it does have strong and weak points to be distinguished from its competitors. 


Productivity analysis: insightful is well-structured for monitoring productive use of work time based on the time spent on applications and websites. On its dashboard users can see specific apps the employee is using and the time, as in the case of most other such softs but it still shows only the name of the app and doesn’t demonstrate the video recording.  Similar to Kickidler it provides employee ratings and comparison to measure all team’s productivity.

Project Management: Insightful is designed to help see what tasks and projects the employees are currently using, thus assisting the project management team to settle better timeframes for certain tasks. Creating timesheets helps organize better performance on certain projects and brings transparency. With this tool, you may see the actual costs and ROI coming from the project, as well as have a deeper look on the employees’ spent time and dynamics, random screenshots, and apps and websites used during the project. 

Attendance: Like all such software Insightful gives information on the start and end of the working time and provides an easy accessible table to see the start and end of the workday. The employees may themselves decide when to start the counting the time. 

Access Management: Users of the software may easily share the performance of the project with third-party platforms. 

Automatic reports: Insightful creates automatic reports and immediately sends them to the managers/users. 


Real-time Employee Monitoring:  Unlike other software as Kickidler, Insightful makes random screenshots without showing what exactly the employee is doing. Moreover, employers are not able to see the violations or unproductive performance of the employees either on real-time video monitoring or history playback and therefore cannot use some of the data as a proof for some certain violations.

Employee time attendance: Even though Insightful detects start and end of the worktime it still doesn’t show vacations, day-offs, hour-offs, etc.

Data protection: Insightful has a personal information protection feature that blocks passwords but can be deactivated at any time. Whenever there is the possibility of data leakage, Insightfuk has no tool to recognize such misactivity and send alerts on them.

Remote Control: Insightful doesn’t provide remote control features.

Price: Insightful enterprise is around 2.5 times more expensive than e.g. Kickidler Employee Monitoring Software enterprise plan. 

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You can see exactly when and what your staff are working on thanks to insightful time and attendance software. It is based on the cloud version an Employee Monitoring Software that enables companies to track the productivity and performance of their employees. The software provides employers with an array of tools to monitor their employees' work activities, from keystroke logging to web browsing and application usage. The software aims to improve the efficiency of businesses by providing valuable insights into the work habits of their employees.

Productive activity monitoring

Insightful is a web-based software that can be accessed from anywhere. It provides employers with a dashboard that displays real-time information on their employees' activities but with no real-time video monitoring unlike Kickidler, which provides both video playback history option and real-time video monitoring. The dashboard provides information on the time spent on each task, the productivity of employees, and the applications and websites that they have used. This information can be used by employers to make informed decisions about their workforce, such as identifying areas where employees may need additional training or support.


Time Tracking 

Insightful also allows employers to monitor their employees' web browsing activities. This feature can be used to ensure that employees are not wasting time on non-work-related websites, such as social media or online shopping sites. Employers can set rules to block access to certain websites or to limit the amount of time that employees can spend on them. This feature can help to improve the productivity of employees and ensure that they are focused on their work tasks.


In addition to monitoring web browsing activities, Insightful also allows employers to track the usage of specific applications. This feature can be used to identify which applications employees are spending the most time on and to ensure that they are using the correct applications for their tasks. For example, if an employee is spending a lot of time on a social media application, it may be a sign that they are not using the correct software for their work tasks.

Task Management

One of the key benefits of Insightful is its ability to generate reports on employee productivity and performance. The software provides employers with detailed information on the time spent on each task, the productivity of employees, and the applications and websites that they have used. This information can be used to identify areas where employees may need additional training or support, and to make informed decisions about staffing levels and resource allocation.


Insightful also provides employers with the ability to set goals and targets for their employees. This feature can be used to ensure that employees are working towards specific objectives and to track their progress toward these goals. By setting goals and targets, employers can motivate their employees and ensure that they are working towards the same objectives.
Push-button data-rich reports may be generated at any moment to track project progress and costs, as well as to know who worked when. Employers may export time attendance reports to see tracked time as a PDF, CSV, or XLSX file. For detailed information that will help properly understand business time, and users may filter timesheets based on people, teams, and custom dates. To better organize resources, estimate clients, and select high ROI activities, look at which tasks and projects take the most time.



Insightful offers several plans for users starting from $6.4 (annual subscription price). Its cloud version time tracking makes $8 and automatic time mapping starts from $12. Insightful’s enterprise plan makes $14.4 per license for on-premise installations. 



Pros: Great interface. It has great visual appeal and is incredibly user-friendly. Additionally, it computes some of the most important productivity measures. It's also fantastic that it works for several projects.

Cons: Its lack of a set time zone is something I find annoying. It will utilize the time on the computer to clock me in if I change time zones. That's a little misleading since it seems like you arrived late or early when you were actually on time.


Pros: What I like about using Insightful are the options and navigations in the dashboard, where you can easily track your team's productivity in real time and at the end of the day. I also like the manual addition of working hours and app and websites filter (productive and non-productive).

Cons: There are still bugs (duplicated timesheets, etc.), which is understandable as they update based on their clients' reviews. What I don't like about the manual insertion of the clock in and out is that you cannot tag the productivity as 100 percent. You cannot manually adjust the production hours and the idle time per line.


Pros: Insightful has a well-structured interface.

Cons: I tried Insightful for a week, and I must say that I wasn't impressed. I had a difficult time locating the data I wanted since the program felt clumsy and sluggish. I finally changed to a different monitoring program that was much easier to use.

Viacheslav Zimyatov,