A software called iMonitorSoft focuses on creating tools for computer and personnel surveillance. The company, which was established in 2002, has become well-known for its products that allow companies to keep an eye on and track the computer usage of their employees with an emphasis on boosting compliance, security, and efficiency.


  • Unobtrusive monitoring: The software is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, so employees are not aware that they are being monitored. This can help to avoid any privacy concerns.
  • Wide range of monitoring features: iMonitorSoft offers a wide range of monitoring features, including keystroke logging, website tracking, application usage, and time tracking. This allows you to track all of your employee's activities on their computer.
  • Remote access: iMonitorSoft allows you to remotely access the software from any web browser. This means that you can monitor your employees from anywhere in the world.
  • Easy to use: iMonitorSoft is easy to use, even for non-technical users. The software comes with a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive help documentation.
  • Affordable: iMonitorSoft is almost as affordable as Kickidler.


  • Privacy issues: Being observed by their employer may cause some people to worry about their privacy. All computer activity by an employee, including keystrokes, websites viewed, and programs used, can be monitored by iMonitorSoft. Depending on the regulations in the relevant jurisdiction, this can constitute a violation of the privacy of the employee.
  • Legality: Using iMonitorSoft to monitor employees is legitimate in different jurisdictions. Employee monitoring without their consent is prohibited in various nations. While employee monitoring is permitted in some other nations, there are limitations on what can be observed and how the data can be utilized.
  • Cost: IMonitorSoft is not the most affordable employee monitoring program available. Other software packages with less expensive features are available.
  • Technical help: The technical support provided by iMonitorSoft is occasionally unreliable. When they faced issues with the software, some users claimed they had trouble reaching the firm for assistance.
  • Installing and configuring it might be challenging: Installing and configuring iMonitorSoft can be challenging, especially for non-technical people. The user manual for the software is included, although it might be confusing and difficult to grasp.
  • It can require a lot of resources: The resource-intensive nature of iMonitorSoft may cause employee computers to sluggishly operate. Employees who must use their laptops for taxing things like video editing or gaming may run into trouble because of this.
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You can prevent insider risks and boost productivity with iMonitor EAM, which integrates user activity tracking, behavior analytics, and productivity tools in a single console.

All-in-One Solution

Unmatched visibility into employees' and contractors' online communication activity is provided by iMonitor EAM. The official system of record is iMonitor EAM.Every employee's computer actions are recorded while providing comprehensive, accurate, and usable data for incident response, high-risk insider monitoring, and productivity reporting. The goal of iMonitor EAM, an all-in-one solution, is to increase each employee's value and productivity.

iMonitor All-in-One Solution

Record Internet Activity

All popular browsers are supported by iMonitor EAM, which can track all internet-related activities such as visited websites, instant messages and chat, emails sent and received, webmail, online searches, downloads, accessed URLs, file transfers via Skype and FTP, online storage, network traffic tracking, and more.

iMonitor Record Internet Activity

Record Computer Activity

IMonitor EAM will record all computer activities, including computer power-on and power-off, usage of a specific application, print job records, usage of removable media like USB sticks and CD-ROMs, file activities (creation, move, deletion, etc.), hardware and software asset, IP address, clipboard usage, auto-run items, etc. It will enable you to learn more about your staff, particularly in LAN-based businesses.

iMonitor Record Computer Activity

File Encryption

The files can be transparently encrypted using iMonitor EAM. To ensure that all sent out files are ciphertexts, the files were directly encrypted at the driver layer. On all business computers that have the EAM client installed and encryption turned on, the encrypted files can be used normally; however, they cannot be used on computers that have EAM uninstalled or encryption turned off. Messy code will be visible, ensuring that the data will not be made public.

iMonitor File Encryption

Keystroke Logging

The keystrokes made by your staff can be observed by iMonitor EAM. Find out what the person is typing right now and what was previously entered. assisting you in keeping track of how many keystrokes the user makes daily in total. The ability to record mouse clicks is present in all programs, including web browsers, Skype, and instant messaging. assisting you in keeping track of how many keystrokes the user makes daily in total.

iMonitor Keystroke Logging

Live Screenshot & Playback

Your employees' computer screens can be remotely and in real time observed with iMonitor EAM (through live streaming and screenshots). It enables you to view from 1 to 32 of your colleagues' PCs concurrently. Additionally, EAM would automatically store the screenshot to the server (interval is customizable), allowing the administrator to verify playback whenever they wanted to.

iMonitor Live Screenshot

View & Control Remotely

With iMonitor EAM, you may operate remotely.It has remote monitoring capabilities for target computers. The most effective feature is live desktop, which allows you to monitor the desktop of each employee's computer and even remotely open a camera to view their workspace in real time.

iMonitor Control Remotely

Extensive Reporting Features

The typical local and online reports can be gathered by iMonitor EAM and saved daily, weekly, or monthly. Using charts to visualize the results of employee computer and internet activity analysis based on time stamps, frequency, or keywords will help you gain an intuitive understanding of each employee's productivity.

iMonitor Extensive Reporting Features

Flexible Blocking Features

By blocking a website, iMonitor EAM can prevent it from ever being opened, allow access to it just during specific time periods, or both. Any unpleasant program can also be blocked on a regular basis or permanently, and its daily usage time can be set. Additionally, customers can exclude any of the important apps. To protect sensitive data, disable portable devices (USB stick, floppy drive, smart media, memory stick, memory stick pro, secure digital, multimedia card).

iMonitor Flexible Blocking Features

Data Security

The industry standard for data security software is iMonitor EAM. You will be able to access and block sensitive information from web forms, removable media, and emails sent and received, as well as information saved on local disks (even distant laptops).Based on the person, machine, or type of data, a wizard makes it simple to modify the policies.

iMonitor Data Security

Email & Web-Mail

keeping track of all emails that staff members send and receive on their laptops. Additionally, every aspect of the letter, including the contents, time, subjects, and attachments, is saved for subsequent review. When a user opens web-based mail, EAM begins taking ongoing screenshots, providing you actual images of the communication.

iMonitor Email

Employee Working Efficiency Monitoring

The user/employee working attendance time (log in/out of the computer); active working time; and idle time can all be recorded by iMonitor EAM. can assist you in analyzing the working conditions of the employee. For instance, how much time the employee spends reading news, using social media, communicating with others, and looking for new employment; as well as how much time he or she spends on work-related issues.

iMonitor Employee Working Efficiency Monitoring

Easy to Install

The installation package will be downloaded from the internet quickly, and it won't need any special gear to be extracted or launched. Very simple to try out, purchase, install, and maintain. It takes only a few mouse clicks to install.

iMonitor Easy to Install


iMonitorSoft offers four pricing plans: Free, Professional, Standard, Lite Agent

The Professional plan costs $76.75 for a one-time purchase. It allows you to monitor up to 10 computers and includes all of the features of the Free plan plus additional features such as time tracking, application usage, and file monitoring. The Standard plan costs $58.75 for a one-time purchase. It allows you to monitor up to 50 computers and includes all of the features of the Professional plan plus additional features such as email monitoring and social media monitoring. The Lite Agent plan costs $48.95 for a one-time purchase. It allows you to monitor up to 10 computers and includes basic features such as keystroke logging, screenshots, and website monitoring. However, it does not include time tracking, application usage, or file monitoring.

Loris L. 06.10.2023

Pros: The interface was rather user freindly

Cons: No keystroke registered only little squares, the screeshots are every 10 min not seconds, live monitor does not work. It's completely useless.

Michael S. 13.09.2023

Pros: The module we can adapt to our business in the government section. Acessibility and friendly usage. Also, it’s benefiting us from the point of document workflow.

Cons: The subscription model. Support delay and updates.

Kevin Ch. 21.08.2023

Pros: After testing 7 different software, I found only one which gave a decent monitoring of web based email attachments. Other features were very common to each, few variations of small importance. EAM Professional Edition (iMonitor) has come on top, it has a trigger system to start taking screenshots should any email be sent with attachments, keystrokes would not indicate this but the screenshots would show the action being taken. This was given to be as an essential item. This trigger system can be used to start snapshots on other events as well.

Cons: Over the course of a week I have tried to install on a Mac. With customer service I finally got to a URL where it would install.

Viacheslav Zimyatov,